Elite Rotorcraft Services


Elite Rotorcraft offers service throughout the United States. With a custom-built enclosed trailer, we can transport its aircraft to your location, saving you on production and flight time expenses. Flying to your site is often not required. We work with you to make every production successful. Spectacular aerial cinematography, shot by the finest in the industry, specializing in synchronization and piloting of the most extreme helicopter shots. We offer the helicopter of choice in the film industry the Airbus Helicopters H125, along with the most experienced production pilots and Aerial DP’s, with the only Chicago-area flight operator that carries a certified FAA Low Level Flight Waiver. We have the right helicopter personalized to the needs of your production. We deliver the Oscar worthy aerial shots with our range of helicopters, seasoned pilots and camera crews with more than 30 years’ aviation and aerial filming experience.

  • Aerial Inspection and Maintenance
  • SAG Pilots
  • Aerial Coordinators
  • Aerial Production Ground Crews
  • Fuel Truck
  • Aircraft Temporary Paint


Elite Rotorcraft charter flights are the ultimate experience for corporate and private travel throughout the Midwest. Located in the Chicagoland area, with hubs in downtown Chicago, we offer the largest, safest, and most modern helicopter fleet in the region. Elite Rotorcraft offers charter operations from Vertiport Chicago: a full-service landing facility and fixed-base operation for helicopters, conveniently located close to downtown in the Illinois Medical District.

Vertiport Chicago brings essential helicopter support services for business, government, and private aviation to the downtown area. A dedicated executive entrance and comfortable lounge combine privacy with top-tier service and security for those who expect exclusive transportation. VIPs and corporate executives can enjoy private amenities and timely, predictable access to and from local airports and Midwest destinations (including private sightseeing tours).

Many Fortune 500 companies choose Elite Rotorcraft because they rely on our experienced crew for executive transport, airport shuttle, property survey, and corporate outings. Charter flights conducted under Certificate # Y7QA260O


Elite Rotorcraft can assist in the survey and maintenance of both power line and gas, oil pipelines within the United States. Utility work, including pipeline and power line survey and inspection, is specialized and requires precision flying, intense concentration, and well planned and organized safety procedures throughout the operation. The experience and expertise of Elite Rotorcraft and its crews in this area of operation makes us the best choice for this type of project.

Elite Rotorcraft offers service throughout the United States at competitive rates through the utilization of our 2 custom-built enclosed trailer which allows us to save on ferrying and freighting expenses and pass those savings onto our clients.

  • Aerial Inspection and Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Survey and Mapping
  • Twin Engine Helicopters


If you have interest in a new or used helicopter Elite Rotorcraft will guide you through all stages of the purchase finding the right helicopter for you and your mission. Putting our experience to work will help make you helicopter accusation and operation trouble free and enjoyable.

With our relationships with Manufactures and completion facility's we can guide you through the complete process of purchase and custom completions and the lowest cost to the customer.


Elite Rotorcraft offers a comprehensive management service for helicopter owners. Our Management Service on behalf of the helicopter owner ranges from initial purchase through day to day operations, maintenance and FAA compliance.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry we can help guide you through the purchase, Completion, management and operation of your helicopter using our years of experience.